Thursday, December 13, 2012

August - October

To be honest... I have just not been in to blogging lately! I don't know if it's because I have been so busy or what! So I'm just going to do a quick little catch up and then hopefully I can keep up on things!
To celebrate our anniversary this year we decided we would do something really awesome :) We were so close to Chicago that it was the obvious place to go! We had SO much fun and ate some amazing pizza that I am still craving! We stayed right downtown and did all the touristy things like going to a Chicago Cubs game, Navy Pier, taking a ferry boat tour, and going to the Shedd Aquarium!

When we got home from summer I was so excited to see all my friends and family! I sure missed them!

We bought a Wildcat from my dad and couldn't wait to use it!! We went camping with our friends to Coral Pink and had a blast! Ever since Tyler rode one for the first time he was hooked! We were so happy when our friends got one too so we could all enjoy them together :)

To end the summer selling season with a bang we went to the back end party up north! They had carnival rides, treats, prizes, games, Nitro Circus, races, and fireworks! Me and Annie rode the "zipper" and it was awesome! Brought back so many memories of when I would go to the carni when I was little!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

4th of July

We were able to celebrate the 4th of July 2 different times in Indy! The first parade we went to was right by where we lived. It was nice and small and we went to the park after for all the festivities! The kids caught a ton of candy at this one!

 The 2nd parade was on the actual 4th of July. It was a lot bigger and there was a million people there and holy cow it was SOO HOT!! I'm glad we all got to go to this one :)
 Me and Annie
Later that night after the boys got done working, we all went down to Geist Reservior and went to the big celebration they have there and to watch the fireworks. I think it was one of the hottest days of the year.... even at 10 p.m. we were dying and could barley breathe!! It was so pretty there and everyone was out on their boats watching the fireworks.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


June FLEW by! I still can't believe summer is already almost over for me :( but this summer has been one of my favorites since we have done summer sales! We have done a lot of fun things.... and the best part I have a car! YAY!
We live in a great little suburb of Indy that does lots of things as a community. We went to the FunFest and the kids had a great time on the bounce houses!
 And of course, we LOVE going to the zoo!! It is such a good zoo. And the best part is they have dolphins! They have also have had 2 baby elephants this summer!
 On one of the Sundays we went tubing down the river! It was 4 hours of pure relaxation! Hopefully we can do it one more time before we go!
 Tyler took me to see one of my favorite bands, Lady A! I loved every minute of it! They are so good live and I just sang my heart out... Tyler not so much ;)
 Marion County Fair
 All of the wives in the office did a service project one Saturday! It was "Lemonade for Vivint Aid." We helped the kids do a lemonade stand, then with the money from that plus other donations we went and bought toys, books, etc for the Riley Children's Hospital. Such a great day. It really makes you realize how important it is do to service and the blessing you receive from it!


May flew by for me! I was busy with school and getting ready for my little kindergateners to graduate and spending time with family before I left for Indy!
For Mother's Day we spent the day at Sand Hollow. I am so grateful for my mom and everything she does! She is the best mom and I don't know what I would do without her!
 Me and Lex
 The day school got out I did not waste any time and was on a plane that night to Indy to see Tyler! It was a LONG 7 weeks! The weekend I got there it was the Indy 500! The whole city celebrates and it was so much fun! They had a huge parade downtown, so we packed up all the kids and went! There was thousands of people there! It was insane!!! My favorite part was the huge balloon characters.
 The wives at the parade: Tash & Siene, Jess, Me, Annie & Camden, Sunny & Hailey, Tosh & Michael, Nikki, Parker, & Ryleigh.
 The next day we made the trek to the Indy 500 race! I could not believe how many people were there. We had to park so far away and walk probably a mile or more before we even got to the arena!
 Some of the crew... (we made it on the news)
 Me and Annie people watching.... it was quite interesting haha
Then comes June....

Saturday, May 19, 2012


April is my favorite month!!! Maybe becuase it's the month of my birthday.. but also the month where it starts getting warm :)

For Easter this year we were able to all be together as a family! We went to our original spot in Gunlock that we use to spend every single Easter when we were younger. It has so many great memories and we had so many fun times there. We were so excited that Bladen finally got to have an Easter like we use to.. and he LOVED it! He was in heaven rolling around the sand, riding his 4-wheeler all day long, and rolling eggs down the red rocks.

Of course we had to color eggs
 Bladey riding his new "big boy" 4-wheeler
 This weekend was a little bitter sweet for me because I was so happy to be with all my family and celebrating one of my favorite holidays, but sad because it was mine and Tyler's last weekend together before he left for Indy!

We had a ton of fun riding 4-wheelers, and Tyler especially loved riding the new wild cat.

For my birthday, My mom and me met my sister for a girls weekend Vegas! We did a lot of shopping and went to a show on the strip.

Me getting all of us ready :)
 Donny and Marie Show! It was really good!
 Walking the strip
Thanks Mom and Laci for making my birthday a great one!


Since I am SOOO far behind on my blog- I am going to do one quick update of December to March! For spring break this year we went to Vegas with Austin, Annie, and Camden. We stayed at the Aria and we LOVED it! It's so nice. We went to Le Reve, shopped, walked the strip, went to the pool, and ate a lot of good food!

 In February, I had a couple days off of school so me and Tyler decided to fly to San Diego and visit my sister. I love that they live so close now so we can see them a lot more! We had so much fun.

 We went on a hike at Torrey Pines
 Went to La Jolla Cove to see the seals

 We also celebrated Valentines with our good friends Brock and Blayr.
 In January, we celebrated Tyler's birthday!! We went up north with Brock, Blayr, Austin, and Annie and went to a Jazz game! It was a total surprise and I was able to keep it a secret from Tyler until the night before we left. I gave him a present with the tickets and a Jazz shirt!
 Jazz game
 In January we also went up to Heber City for a work retreat for the Indy 2012 office! We stayed at an AMAZING cabin and went snowboarding.
 The girls finally got the hang of it at the end :)
 For Christmas my sister and her family came to Cedar.
 Me and Tyler spent Chistmas Eve and Christmas morning with his family so we rushed home after opening presents with them and Bladen was SO excited to show me everything Santa brought him.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thanksgiving in San Diego

After about 6 years of not being able to all be together for Thanksgiving, this year we made it happen! We are sooo glad that Laci and her family have moved closer to home. We all made the trip down to San Diego and had a fun time!

Thanksgiving Dinner
Walking off our turkey dinner on the boardwalk

We spent a lot of time on the beach. She is so lucky to live 5 minutes away!

Family Pics

Me & Lac

We went to Sea World! Tyler had never been so we were so excited! Sea World is one of my favorite places to go!

Watching Shamu

I am so grateful for my family and that we are able to be together and see eachother more often!